You can try out Kinetic Request via a cloud hosted space, a virtual machine, or installed in your own environment.

We offer three trial options, depending on how much control you need.

  • Cloud Hosted Space

    A space is your very own web-based, fully-configured playground ready for you in minutes. You can build and categorize dynamic forms and manage simple workflow and styling.

  • A Virtual Machine

    You can download a VMWare Virtual Machine with all of the components installed and configured with full access to the operating system. This allows you to build new workflow, update bundles and more.

  • Install Yourself

    You can download all of the components that make up Kinetic Request and install it yourself in your own environment.

These instances are all unlicensed but fully functional. Unlicensed servers stop after 25 transactions and you must restart them to continue usage.

Cloud Hosted Space

The cloud hosted space includes:

  • A fully configured sample self-service catalog.
  • A set of forms that make up the catalog along with the ability to create and edit your own forms.
  • Standard workflow that routes a request from an approval to fulfillment.

The cloud hosted space is best for:

  • Beginners going through our Kinetic Request training videos.
  • Gaining an understanding of how the application works and what types of solutions it could be used for.
  • Learning how to create, categorize and manage forms in a self-service style use case.

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Virtual Machine

The Virtual Machine includes:

  • All of the Cloud Hosted Space capabilities
  • Full access to Kinetic Task to write your own workflow
  • Full access to all of the other Kinetic Request components
  • Full access to the file system for deploying your own web components

The Virtual Machine is best for:

  • A more technical audience
  • Writing your own workflow with Kinetic Task.
  • Experimenting with Bundles, the web framework that drives the look and feel of your application.
  • Using data from external sources via Bridges to drive dynamic forms.

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Install files

Kinetic Data can provide install files and instructions for organizations to install the application into their own environment. This is typically done after an initial consultation to better determine requirements and other technical considerations.

To arrange to install Kinetic Request in your own environment, please contact Kinetic Data sales at:

Additional Information

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