Welcome to Kinetic Data's virtual hackathon with $6,000 in prizes.

How It Works

Get Started!

  1. If you aren't already an expert, check out our training videos and other resources.
  2. Obtain a Kinetic Request instance to build your solution on.
  3. At the start time of the next hackathon Kinetic Data will announce the quarterly challenge, topic and requirements. Pre-register to receive updates quickly and as they are announced!
  4. You then have exactly 10 days to build and submit your solution.
  5. If you have questions, send them to hackathon@kineticdata.com


  • $1,000 for the first completed submission
  • $1,000 for the best looking design
  • $3,000 for the most complete solution
  • $1,000 for one random entry
  • $250 for the referrer of a winning-entrant

Download full contest rules here

Pre-registrants will be emailed the contest topic four hours before the topic is posted online.

How to submit

Once you are done building, you need to get it to us to judge. Here's how.

All submissions will be emailed to hackathon@kineticdata.com by the submission deadline. Include in the email:

  1. Your Name
  2. Description of project
  3. Description of any data that should be included
  4. Any other notes you feel would be helpful for your submission

How to attach your submission:

Easiest: Export your Kapp and attach to the email (see FAQ for how to export Kapp) If you have multiple Kapps … attach all of them to the one email

Medium: Export your Kapp and attach to an email also include your bundles directory as a .zip file

Hardest: Export your Kapp and attach to an email also include your bundles directory as a .zip file also include your Kinetic Task Trees and Routines that are relevant. If you have any custom Handlers, include them too. All Task supporting files should be zipped into one Task.zip file

Which should I use?

Easiest if you are using the hosted space

Medium if you are looking to win “best looking” and you customized your bundle

Hardest if you are looking to include “everything”. You would most likely go this route if you are trying to win “most complete” or “best looking”.


To ask additional questions please email hackathon@kineticdata.com

How do I get an environment to build in?

Either use our cloud hosted space or a VM. Setup instructions are here.

This all seems a bit overwhelming. Where can I learn about how to get started?

Glad you asked. Our training page has videos and other resources to get you started. We may be sending out some tips if you registered early (hint for future hackathons). You can do all kinds of complex stuff with Kinetic Request, but you don’t have to. Keep it simple if you’d like and you still have an opportunity to win big prizes.

Do I have to register?

Nope. You can just get access to the software here and build some great stuff. The first time we hear from you could be emailing us your award winning solution. (See how to submit ).

How do I export my Kapp?

  1. Go into the Management Console for your space
  2. Select your Kapp from the Upper Left Kapp menu
  3. Click Setup Tab
  4. Click Export Kapp

Do I have to screw around with a bundle to submit an entry?

No, you can use our cloud space and just use the base bundle or other installed bundles. If you don’t know what bundles are, take a look at this article on Kinetic Community

Do I have to be a US citizen?

Yes, at least for now. See Rules here.

Only one entry per contestant?

Yes, sort of. You can submit more than once, your first entry will be judged for "fastest" any other entry is judged for one of the other three. Feel free to add notes when you submit your build.

Quarterly Hackathons

We want to continue to get developers from all levels and backgrounds involved in creating great solutions with Kinetic Request.

Wallyman in a cape

To help in this endeavor, we'll be continuing this series of hackathons each quarter. Each will involve a different challenge with varying prizes. Future contest may include:

  • Topics involving solutions in sports, marketing or event management
  • Additional requirements for building out more complex workflow
  • Requirements that may require a contestant to enhance the look and feel via a bundle
  • In-person hackathons in a city near you