Kinetic Data

Kinetic Training

September 26-28th, 2017
JW Marriott Minneapolis Mall of America

Track 1 - Front End Development

Build new forms that make everyday work easier.
Learn how queue can simplify your fulfillment processes.

Day 1: Kinetic Request CE, Creating Forms
Day 2: Using Bridges, consoles and Queue Kapp
Day 3: Workshop day working with our teams to apply and use
Track 2 - Back End Development

Streamlining routine work for any application in your company.
Build processes that don’t need fixing when you encounter bad data with never fail/never drop.

Day 1: Intro to Kinetic Task, creating Trees
Day 2: Creating Routines, testing and troubleshooting
Day 3: Workshop day working with our teams to apply and use
Track 3 - Advanced Track

Learn the tricks to work on both web and mobile using responsive techniques.
Build handlers so you can integrate with anything whether internal custom or common REST web-services.

Day 1: Kinetic Request CE, Bundles, React, installs
Day 2: Kinetic Task, building Handlers and working with APIs
Day 3: Workshop day working with our teams to apply and use

Cost is $1,500 per person. Register here.

For questions or information email

Available hotel options:


Does this apply to Kinetic Request CE Only?

No. Track 2 & 3 content applies to both Kinetic Request CE and Kinetic Request RE.

Are meals included?

Yes. Lunch and mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are provided. The hotel and the mall has lots of options for breakfast or dinner.

Do you have stay at the hotel?

No. There are other hotels nearby, in walking distance.

How do I get to the venue? Are there transportation options?

The hotel is five miles southwest of the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport - MSP. This hotel does not provide shuttle service.
Light Rail, bus and taxis are available from the Airport.

Transport Estimated Fare USD (one way)
Taxi $15.00
Express Bus $3.00
Light Rail $2.25
On-site parking $15 daily

Light Rail Directions from the Airport Exit at the Mall of America transit center. Enter in mall and head towards the northwest corner.

Can I switch tracks after each day?

Absolutely. There may be some catchup for moving into Track 1. Also, we may have a restriction on Room size, but otherwise it is certainly possible.

Do I need to bring a laptop for training?

Yes. Our training is interactive and we have plenty of hands on examples. A few weeks before training we will send out a test link for our training environments.

Are there requirements to attend each of the tracks

There are no requirements to attend Track 1 and 2. Each track starts with the expectation that you are new to either Kinetic Request CE or Kinetic Task. Track 3 assumes a familiarity with programming and web technologies.

What is the typical weather like for Minneapolis in September?

Fall is a time of major transition in Minnesota. By early-fall, temperatures begin to decrease and the winter coats are pulled out of storage. The average high is 71ºF and low is 52ºF/

Can I throw tomatoes at the instructor?

You may not throw tomatoes at the instructor - only cash and action figures

Can I keep the training environment after the class? Are the materials printed?

Training Materials are only available on-line but will be available after the class.

What if I have special dietary needs?

If you have any special dietary requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Mall of America

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