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Kinetic Calendar is the only online calendar software tool built to display event-related data from virtually any enterprise software platform, email system, or departmental application. In most cases, the integration effort is minimal. With Kinetic Calendar, you can quickly and easily create online calendars that display and interact with any time- or date-based information stored across federated data sources. The following documents provide more information on how Kinetic Calendar can help you create actionable online calendars tied to enterprise workflow processes.


For current Kinetic Calendar technical documentation pleave visit Kinetic Community, an information repository and network resource for discussing Kinetic Data products:

Kinetic Calendar Documentation on Kinetic Community

Kinetic Calendar - Product Overview (pdf)

Kinetic Calendar - Architecture Diagram (pdf)

Kinetic Calendar - Usage Diagram (pdf)

Kinetic Calendar - Version 1.3 Features (pdf)

Kinetic Calendar - Version 1.0 Features (pdf)