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Kinetic Calendar

Get ERM Reporting and Change Management Visibility with Kinetic Calendar for the Enterprise

Kinetic Calendar is a a comprehensive, actionable off-the-shelf enterprise calendar system that enables strategic ERM scheduling and reporting. Because it displays, combines and overlays time- and date-based information from virtually any source, Kinetic Calendar resource visibility and change management software helps managers avoid resource conflicts, consolidate activities and make better business decisions.

“ Kinetic Calendar has been serving our needs so well that other groups within our company have requested the tool as well.”

- Brian Adkins, IT Director at Tragon Corporation

Key Features:

  • Automatically track the availability of individual and group resources for any time period, for change management, on-call scheduling, or other purposes.
  • Apply and track basic business rules concerning resource utilization, such as whether service requests are dispatched in a round-robin fashion; or whether internal or contract labor is used.
  • Enable call takers to see all this information in a calendar view that provides a variety of broad and drill-down perspectives into scheduled activities.
  • Enable self-service requestors to see a simplified calendar view that is as intuitive and easy to use as booking a visit using Apple's online concierge service.
  • Create automated workflows that update resource availability as scheduling activity occurs.
  • Automatically notify by email both service deliverers and service requestors that a scheduled event has occurred or has been changed, send email reminders as the event nears, and give requestors the ability to reschedule through the same email.
Change Management Software Screenshot - Kinetic Calendar