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Service request management doesn't begin and end with IT. Other functional areas like HR, operations, facilities, and finance and accounting are also in the business of fulfilling thousands of service requests each year from internal and external customers. Taking a "siloed" to request management wastes time and money, and frustrates customers. Doing it the Kinetic Data way—all from one place with one set of business service delivery tools—enables a true enterprise-wide strategy to:

  • Slash service delivery workflow costs across the enterprise.
  • Cut service delivery cycle times by half or more.
  • Improve routing accuracy to ensure requests reach the right group.
  • Delight your customers with services delivered right the first time.

Kinetic Data offers the following Enterprise Request Management software tools and applications:

Kinetic Request

Actionable web-based, request management portals offer complete workflow control and flexibility for service requests.

The leading service request management (SRM) portal on the market today, Kinetic Request enables enterprises to provide their internal or external customers with a single easy-to-use web interface for submitting any type of service request. When combined with Kinetic Task, our advanced automation engine, Kinetic Request is the fastest and simplest way to build and automate service requests and business processes end-to-end across the enterprise.

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Kinetic Task

Advanced automation engine dramatically improves the speed of your request fulfillment and leverages your third-party application investments.

The backbone of ERM, Kinetic Task provides two-way communication with enterprise systems to manage approvals and automate scheduling and fulfillment. Easily configure a limitless number of tasks and approvals to manage simple to complex processes.

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Kinetic Survey

Award-winning Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) system.

A leading process-driven, web-based customer feedback survey management application, Kinetic Survey makes it easy to create context-sensitive surveys to measure and report on user satisfaction once a request is fulfilled.

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Kinetic Calendar

Actionable online ERM scheduling and reporting.

Display, combine and overlay time- and date-based information from virtually any entrprise data source to avoid resource conflicts, consolidate activities and make better business decisions.

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Kinetic Schedule

Resourcing schedule to utilize your resources in the best and most efficient way.

Displays multiple data parameters related to resource scheduling for easy and accurate scheduling decisions. Coordinate personnel, equipment and facilities resources for request fulfillment. See multiple sources of information (such as skills, costs, availability and location) to determine the best plan for dispatching and/or scheduling people and resources to complete a task.

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Kinetic Response

Big problems, no problem for your team.

Kinetic Response is an easy-to-use, team-based, problem collaboration tool built to speed up time to resolution. Designed with a careful focus on real-time visibility, Kinetic Response balances the functionality you need with a simplicity that allows the whole team to participate effectively.

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