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Why Kinetic Data?

Our extensive portfolio of business process automation (BPA) and enterprise request management (ERM) applications help service providers automate key business processes and reduce the cost of providing services, both internally and client facing, as well as improve the customer service experience for the service provider's clients. Kinetic Data products are designed to help enhance your business by delivering tailored, configured services to your clients without changes to your underlying systems, thereby lowering risk. Our products help service providers foster service-delivery innovation and lower the cost of providing services.

Service Provider Offerings:

  • Secure Configuration
    Kinetic Data enables configurable security models for each client, with the ability to grant unique client access rights, specifications and preferences. This secure foundation allows clients to have their own tailored requests, views, surveys, tasks and collaborative environment.

  • Improved Client Experience
    Kinetic Data delivers a high-performance client experience based on the architecture of our products. Kinetic Data offers unique branding and theming of self-service portals, forms, surveys, calendars and collaborative environments for your clients. Our products allow the service provider to onboard new clients more efficiently through easy configuration. Kinetic Data enables service providers to deliver tailored, configured services to each client that build upon and extend the data layer multi-tenancy provided by BMC Remedy or other ITSM suites.

  • High-Performance Service Delivery Solutions
    Kinetic Data solutions help service providers achieve operational efficiency and high performance levels by streamlining/automating their service delivery processes and enabling faster response times. Kinetic Data products offer real service delivery processes that actually get used! Imagine, first-time service-delivery request fulfillment occurring consistently. Our service request portals collect the correct data up front, enable guided processes and include simple instructions for each fulfillment step.

  • Do-It-Yourself Solutions
    Kinetic Data’s self-service solutions enable service provider clients to configure their service experience to their own specifications and preferences. Our products are designed for individuals to use within diverse work roles and departments. Our products use self-provisioned technologies and tools with minimal or no support from the IT organization. In turn, our self-service solutions give clients greater visibility into their service-delivery process through improved calendaring, tasks trees, collaborative tools, surveys and reports.

  • Leverage Your Existing Platform to Roll Out New Services
    Kinetic Data applications leverage existing ITSM and ERP platform investments, without risk to the data structure and back-end processes. Our solutions offer flexible configuration while delivering faster and improved services to service providers’ clients. Our products work on their existing platforms and any applications, whether custom built or out of the box. This enables service providers to roll out new services without expensive upgrades to their existing platforms. Imagine, a low-cost, yet configurable to each client, service-request system, with no end requestor licensing fees.

Service Provider Success Story

Advanced Technology Services - ATS

Overview: Replace manual new customer onboarding with automated processes to reduce costs and accelerate time to value.

Solution: Kinetic Request portal and Kinetic Task automation engine


  • Automated 80% of the onboarding process by building 22 standard service templates based on common customer needs.
  • Reduced the time and cost to onboard a new customer by 90%.
  • Developed process to implement a new customer onboarding portal in just a few hours instead of 4-5 business days.

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More Service Provider Success Stories

Advanced Technology Services - ATS

ATS Customer Satisfaction Soars with Request Process Automation from Kinetic Data

Overview: Simplify the IT service request process to speed service delivery and improve the customer experience.

Solution: Kinetic Request portal and Kinetic Task automation engine


  • Reduced the time required for users to submit service requests by 80%.
  • Eliminated 95% of manual IT effort through process and approval automation.
  • Achieved 98.9% accuracy in routing requests and incidents to the right service group the first time, virtually eliminating misrouted tickets.
  • Increased customer satisfaction rating to 93%, with further improvement ongoing.


CareTech Solutions

Overview: Lots of people are talking about improving quality and reducing costs in healthcare. CareTech Solutions--a provider of outsourced IT services for hospitals--is doing something about it. Watch this short video to learn how moving to online self-service for technology requests and issue reporting with Kinetic Request led to cost avoidance and productivity gains of $4.7 million in one year.

The Intersection of IT Outsourcing and Healthcare: How CareTech Solutions Achieved Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards Distinction (37:23)

Karl Graham, Senior Director of Customer Support, CareTech Solutions discusses how CareTech Solutions, an information technology (IT) services provider for hospitals automates their service request management system and grows their business and delivers best in KLAS with Kinetic Data's Multi-Tenant Suite.

CareTech Heals Itself and Client, Continuum Health Partners, of Frustrating Delays and Unnecessary Costs in Service Request Management (pdf)

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