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Reduce Service Delivery Costs - Solutions for Insurance

Why Kinetic Data?

Our extensive portfolio of business process automation (BSM) and service delivery management (SDM) applications helps automate insurance business processes and reduce service delivery costs. The Kinetic Data suite of applications improves the service experience for both internal and external users. Our products are agile, highly configurable and integrate seamlessly with your existing applications. Kinetic Data products are designed to help enhance your business by delivering tailored, configured services to your users without requiring changes to your underlying systems, thereby lowering your risk in an ever-changing insurance landscape.

Insurance Offerings:

  • Leverage Your Existing Platform Investment
    Kinetic Data applications leverage your investments in existing ITSM, CRM, claims management and other enterprise systems without risk to the data structure or back-end processes. The architectural strategy enables rapid service deployment without expensive upgrades, additional modules, or "rip and replace" implementations.

  • Security and Access Control
    Kinetic Data enables enforcement of secure access policies, even in multi-tenancy environments with unique client branding and user interfaces, controlled through multilevel entitlement policies tailored to your organization’s requirements.

  • Workflow/Business Process Engine
    Today, insurers need the flexibility to continually refine insurance business processes in response to ever-changing business needs and regulatory requirements. Kinetic Data’s advanced workflow automation engine offers you complete workflow control and flexibility to easily configure a nearly limitless number of tasks and approvals that manage existing and future business processes, reducing costs and enabling first-time fulfillment.

  • Self-Service Solutions
    Kinetic Data’s self-service solutions enable your insurance organization to configure your service experience to your own specifications and preferences. Our products are designed for individuals to use within diverse work roles and departments. Our software uses self-provisioning technologies and tools with minimal or no support from the IT organization. In turn, our self-service solutions give you greater visibility into your service-delivery process.

  • Operational Efficiency
    Kinetic Data applications help you achieve operational efficiency and high performance levels by streamlining and automating service delivery fulfillment processes while delivering faster response times.

  • Compliance
    Kinetic Data applications enforce configurable security models at the individual, group, unit and enterprise levels. This flexibility enables insurance organizations such as yours to centralize operational change control via user and administrative access rights and entitlements. Centralized logs allow monitoring of all compliance critical activity. Our suite enables compliance with enterprise, local, state, federal and international compliance mandates.

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